Marriage is Obsolete . . . and Other Modern Marriage Myths

Trent breaks down 5 common myths about marriage and replaces them with 5 truths about what God says about marriage. In this 5 week series, Trent discusses the purpose of marriage, re-defines what love is, and challenges us to re-think common misconceptions or marriage.


Key Topics

Forgiveness: (Link to sermon)

Prayer: Simply Pray

Salvation: You Must Be Born Again

Sin: Buried by Sin

Sex: When Sex Kills Love

Marriage: Marriage is Obsolete…and other Modern Day Marriage Myths

Missions: Seeing With Missional Eyes

Parenting: Every Parent’s Playbook

Homosexuality: (Link to sermon)

Gospel: The Gospel Changes Everything

If you are in need of counseling or have a theological concern, please see your small group leader or local church leader.